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Yes, you are reading that correctly.

Tamara Scott says: Gay Marriage Leads To Eiffel Tower Marriage…as in not near it or under it…but TO IT!!! … Read More »

Did you hear about the mural featuring working people that was just ordered to be taken down by Paul LePage, the Republican Governor of Maine? Yes, the above beautiful piece of art was considered inappropriate and moved from Portland City Hall. In what sounds like a Fahrenheit 451 move, this Gross Baboon (I hereby nominate Lepage) thought it was worth his time and energy to censor this artist, Judy Taylor. Well, that’s really what it is going on here, right? What is happening in the United States? When did the working class become the enemy? It is as though the… Read More »

There’s nothing like a rainy Saturday afternoon, curled up on the couch with the new issue of Vanity Fair. It has been a favorite pastime for years…especially since we get so much freakin’ rain. Lately though, some of the subjects and stories featured in VF are getting as pedestrian as punch. Case in point: the issue with the Tiger Woods‘ cover, thrown in there for good measure, to garner some newsstand action. I understand that need for Graydon Carter to want get in on the greatest media obsession on Earth, but that cover was nauseating and frankly, above Vanity Fair.… Read More »

I simply must get political with you for one minute. Sure, Obama’s in (yay) and Republicans are dwindling like ad revenues from glossy magazines (boo), but something extremely odd happened yesterday in the state of New York and I am not sure what to do about this. For sure I need to share my histrionics. In a horrendous twist of fate, two Senate Democrats in New York state have crossed the aisle to become (shudder at the thought) REPUBLICANS! This is as bad, worse, than Darth Vader crossing over to the Dark Side. This is like the Evil Empire Strikes… Read More »