Workers Of The World Unite Against Paul LePage

Mar 26, 2011Breaking Newzzz

This innocent artwork has been banned from the Portland City Hall. Are we living in Communist Russia Bizarro World?

Did you hear about the mural featuring working people that was just ordered to be taken down by Paul LePage, the Republican Governor of Maine? Yes, the above beautiful piece of art was considered inappropriate and moved from Portland City Hall. In what sounds like a Fahrenheit 451 move, this Gross Baboon (I hereby nominate Lepage) thought it was worth his time and energy to censor this artist, Judy Taylor. Well, that’s really what it is going on here, right? What is happening in the United States? When did the working class become the enemy? It is as though the recent mid-term elections has empowered the Republican Party who are keen on turning our country into a version of pre-Marxist Russia. We need to stand up and unite against the oppressors.

The most interesting turn of events is that we are watching history being made as the people living in the Muslim countries like Egypt, Libya, Yemmen, and Saudi Arabia are standing up for their rights and showing far more backbone than we Americans. We have become a passive, unmotivated, disenfranchised, apathetic, fearful and weak nation. Frankly, I blame the Bush Era, when George W. led us into war and the press and the people sat idly by and let it all happen. Where is the spine that we Americans once had? Where is the moxie that led the Civil Rights Movement? Where is the conviction that we showed during the Vietnam War, taking to the streets and demanding that our boys be brought home? Where is the outrage in matters of gun control and human rights for Christ’s sake? We have evolved into a Boniva-needing, brittle, sack of bones.

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