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Friggen Cher.

GLAAD AWARDS UPDATE: Out of the blue, Cher pops out on stage, and apparently was not expected. But, it wasn’t just Cher who appeared on stage like a vision from the gay Gods, but Cher in a Diana Ross wig. I couldn’t breathe. Nor could anyone else.… Read More »

The A Team?

This season’s cast of Dancing With The Stars promises to be beyond uninteresting. Maybe people will tune in to see if Chaz Bono is a clod. Though you have to give Chaz mad props for being so out there in the public eye considering the average viewer is not the same audience that tunes in to watch The A-List on Logo. Nancy Grace will scare the be-Jesus out of her dancing partner, so that won’t last long. Elisabetta Canalis, George Clooney‘s ex-girlfriend is doing what any scorned woman would do to get back at her man. She is going to… Read More »

Lindsay parties with her bodyguard. So? They must spend enough time together since the media will not leave her alone. – PAGE SIX Underage Bristol Palin out at 1 OAK, a nightclub for virgins. – NY DAILY NEWS Chaz Bono is officially a boy. – TMZ Justin Bieber has lesbian hair. Check out this site: Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber. Rachel Uchitel, Gross Baboon nominee, is still in the press for reasons proving her gross babooniness. – D LISTED Click here to follow I MEAN…WHAT?!? on Twitter.… Read More »