So You Actually Think You Can Dance?

Aug 31, 2011Breaking Newzzz

The A Team?

This season’s cast of Dancing With The Stars promises to be beyond uninteresting. Maybe people will tune in to see if Chaz Bono is a clod. Though you have to give Chaz mad props for being so out there in the public eye considering the average viewer is not the same audience that tunes in to watch The A-List on Logo. Nancy Grace will scare the be-Jesus out of her dancing partner, so that won’t last long. Elisabetta Canalis, George Clooney‘s ex-girlfriend is doing what any scorned woman would do to get back at her man. She is going to make a national fool out of herself in the hopes that people with think that George is really not that big of a deal if all he can get are Dancing With The Stars cast-offs. Hello, Stacy Keibler. David Arquette… whatever. This is proof that letting Courteney Cox slip through your fingers was your biggest mistake.

This will surely up the quotient of Rob Kardashian, like we don’t have enough Kardashian in our lives at the present time. Carson Kressely and Chaz will represent the homos, while Ron Artest and J.R. Martinez will represent the homies. As for Hope Solo, where else does a female soccer player go? This is definitely a coup for her. Ricki Lake will get paid to do exercise, so good for her. And The Hills will have eyes again as Kristin Cavallari creeps out of obscurity and dances her way back onto our radar. As for Chynna Phillips, well, it would have been better if they got Carnie Wilson or MacKenzie Phillips on at the same time. After all, it is a competition show and Hope against Kristin is a real yawn-a-thon.

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