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Now that the S & P has downgraded our credit rating, I would like to mention that this is the same organization that approved all the credit swaps and hanky panky that lead to the demise of the Free World as we know it. The Standard & Poor (whose name is apropos) took this position based on our contentious political theater during the debt ceiling debate. This is unprecedented and shocking because those who sit in judgment shall not judge. And if the Lord didn’t actually say that, well, he did now. With the downgrade in place, the Democrats, yes,… Read More »

I was watching the BBC here in Iceland this morning and the big discussion was about the coverage of Jade Goody’s death. Jade, for those of you who don’t know much about her….ahem…me…was the star of Big Brother London in 2002. Huge star (?) . But what she did was take the flash of fame and turned herself into a media star, so that when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, she sold the rights of her story to TV and pretty much died on TV, like Cashmere Mafia. But the discussion this morning on the BBC was not about… Read More »