Standard and Very Poor

Aug 7, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Now that the S & P has downgraded our credit rating, I would like to mention that this is the same organization that approved all the credit swaps and hanky panky that lead to the demise of the Free World as we know it. The Standard & Poor (whose name is apropos) took this position based on our contentious political theater during the debt ceiling debate. This is unprecedented and shocking because those who sit in judgment shall not judge. And if the Lord didn’t actually say that, well, he did now. With the downgrade in place, the Democrats, yes, you Barack Obama, better get your talking points in order by tomorrow, Monday. Your job is two fold: (1) Only talk about jobs and (2) Lay the blame on the Tea Party and Republicans for causing this mess in the first place. Do not let these people put the final nail in your political coffin. Get it together, and tell your mouthpiece, David Axelrod, to buck up and stop stuttering when he makes the next round of morning talk shows. That or find someone else to do your fast talking. Attention: Any Clinton.

And The Lord Said, “Let There Be Jobs”

Here’s a little fact that no one is talking about in all these political arguments: Creating jobs is a going to be a magician’s task—like Puff the Magic Dragon—but not some ego maniac that ran for public office. Jobs are handed out by companies. My company, for instance, usually has four to five employees. Right now we are operating with two and a half. We are a microcosm of the world, in that we have streamlined our business and even I, the princess, am taking on certain tasks again while the uncertain economy piddles around. So what is going to happen now that the battle is over and nobody won? The President is going to create a jobs bill? Then what… I am going to be forced to hire another half-a-person? The Tea Party doctrine is based on a smaller government, and now that we have cut spending to the bone, what can anyone do to create jobs? Someone please explain it to me. What am I missing here? All Barack Obama can do is pray for an uptick in the economy? Beside praying, we don’t have a prayer in hell to turn things around in the foreseeable future. And I am a die-hard optimist! (And I never use exclamation marks.) Even Obama’s senior aid was quoted, “there are no magic beads”.  Thank you, Jack and the Beanstalk.

And another thing: About those ceilings. Seems that these past few election cycles have been all about the conceptual ceiling. Meanwhile no one was really concerned with the actual roofs over our heads. Hillary Clinton cracked the glass ceiling, Sarah Palin shattered it into bits, and the debt ceiling debate revealed everyone’s true colors and selfish political interests. Now that we are losing the roofs from over our heads in record numbers, coupled with bankruptcies and foreclosures, before you know it, parts of the United States will look like one of those tents villages in Somalia rather than a Land called Honah Lee.

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