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The two faces of Bristol Palin.

Dear Bristol, Surely death threats are not an effective means to change minds. I am sorry for those people who recently resorted to using those tactics based on your desperate need to be in the media. Had you not blabbered on about Barack Obama’s position of gay marriage, perhaps you would not be in this situation. Naturally, when you say, “hate doesn’t win any arguments” that is true. But the fact that you were compelled to stick your neck out and make a point on such a hot button issue, then you must accept your responsibility in this situation. You… Read More »

Best hair of any druggie ever.

Not trying to outdo Barbara Walters, but surely after seeing her choices for Ten Most Fascinating People, I have been advised–and well-advised at that–to create my own annual Ten Most Fotz-inating People since Walters’ choices have been so banal… kinda like the people that grace the pages of I Mean What?!? … Read More »

The happy couple.

Congratulations Michael Kors and his soon be be spouse, Lance LePere. Lord knows I wish all gays happily ever after my hope is that gay marriage statistics kicks straight marriage in the ass. This year, up to 50% of straight marriages will end in divorce. So gays? Listen up. Stay put. Otherwise, this is my feeling of gay marriage now that it is official in New York. Look, if Iowa can get the gay marriage thing together, so, indeed, should every state in the union. And that includes Minnesota, where Michelle and Marcus Bachmann have proven that gay weddings do… Read More »

Congratulations California…you can now do it. And when I say it, I mean take that leap of faith that straights have been doing for centuries by getting married….like Bethenny Frankel. To be clear though, with marriage comes divorce. Here is a happy statistic: 50% of all marriages will end up in divorce. Before gays go running off in droves to become bridezillas, please think long and hard before you become like straight people, getting divorced at the first signs of a bad sex life, whining and complaining. Look, I am not opposed to gay marriage. Live and let live. The… Read More »

It is not often that I go to a gay wedding…you can count them on one hand. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. The idea of gay marriage resonates more for the gay community at large than for me, though I support it wholeheartedly. Just not sure whether it is something for everyone. Not being a bigot here, I believe the same holds true for straight marriage as well. All that aside, my friends Annie Washburn and Emily Giske tied the knot yesterday in the loveliest setting on Cape Cod…Provincetown to be exact…duh. But it was moving and sweet,… Read More »

With  MTV’s Jersey Shore stealing the spotlight on retard, it is with great regret that, once again, the state that I hail from is the brunt of a bad joke. It is inescapable. With every decade comes a slew of negative references to New Jersey. It has been a challenge (to say the least) when people ask, “Where are you from?” since moving into Manhattan. My knee jerk reaction has always been to say, “From here”. When pressed, I would mumble and walk away.” You would never know it, but I am proud to be a Jersey boy, just not… Read More »

It’s time for me to chime in on this gay marriage issue. Clearly I am not an opponent nor am I a proponent either. I’m from the school of “live and let live”, so if two gay people want to get married…by all means, make it legal in every state, you have my blessing. I think you’re nuts…but go right ahead. The notion of marriage has always seems a bit archaic to me, straight, gay or otherwise. Monogamy is a challenging notion that defies gravity: that which is forbidden becomes obsession. Yes, there are those lovely exceptions; couples that are… Read More »