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The 11th Commandment

Thou Shalt Not Take The Name Of Elizabeth Taylor In Vain When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the Fifteen Commandments, as depicted in Mel Brooks‘ History of the World Part 1, there were five commandments that never saw the light of day. (Watch this short clip to learn about this little known biblical fact in Exodus 20:2–17.) httpv:// Anyhoo, one of those laws as commanded by the Lord himself was: Thou shalt not take the name of Elizabeth Taylor in vain. Sadly, we have become a society not dissimilar to those Israelite hedonists running rampant in the desert,… Read More »

Boy, it has been way too long since I did an entry of The Nobody News. Summer is usually the best time for TNN because virtually every nobody thinks they are somebody and virtually every nobody is wrong about that. We are all entitled to a good time for sure, just let’s relax about who gets included in Wire Image and Patrick McMullan. At least in The Evening Hours by Bill Cunningham in The New York Times Style section they feature people that are doing some good by attending fundraisers. So…nobodies with money. Ouch. This edition of The Nobody News… Read More »

Ya gotta give Ashley Dupre credit for her uncanny ability to reinvent herself over and over again. She’s gone from a Jersey Shore-type girl to Girl’s Gone Wild party gal to hooker. Then she went on to hooker with a master plan to fashionista (vis-a-vis Kelly Cutrone) to Dear John Abby, to desperate for acting reality show career (hence moving to Los Angeles) to her most recent claim of wanting to be a real estate mogul. This girl makes cats seem one dimensional. Anyhoo, imagine the line of guys who will want to be shown an apartment by Ashley. Clearly… Read More »

Lindsay Lohan is over Jorge Perez because of the way she is being portrayed on Bravo’s Double Exposure. – HUFFNGTON POST What on Earth is this? – D-LISTED Lady Gaga’s Candies were too tight. – D LISTED Carrie Fisher is filming her one woman show for HBO this weekend. Wishful Drinking on Gay Pride Weekend. Now there’s kismet. – HUFF POST The Gays have role models. – GAWKER… Read More »

So, lookie here. The new BFF’s of the media whore world are Paris Hilton and Snooki. Yikes. One thing is to do a photo op. The other is planning overnights at the Jersey Shore. Paris…does this mean there’s another porn video in the near future to regain your own status? – GAWKER… Read More »

Last year at the MTV MOVIE AWARDS, I was astonished at the sheer stupidity of the overall content. Last night, I was less astonished at the stupidity and more amazed at what little fashion walked the red carpet. And when I say little, I mean very little dresses coupled with very little taste. Yesterday afternoon, my freind Audrey Nizen (Creative Director, Bloomingdale’s) and I were lamenting on how stylists have ruined the creativity at awards shows by playing it all too safe. Last night however, there was safety in numbers, and all of which hit the recurring theme of Hootchie… Read More »

Announcing the newest candidates for Gross Baboon of the Year Award, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa and Joe Guidice. Reading about their spendaholic, bankruptcy-inducing shenanigans made me really angry. As someone born in that fair state, the recent bevvy of Gross Baboons with New Jersey blazoned on their foreheads is enough to make anyone lie about where they hail from. We now have The Real Housewives, that lame show Jeseylicious, and even the cast of Jersey Shore, though none of them are from there, but MTV has managed to muck it up anyway. Until recently, it was Woody Allen… Read More »

Why on Earth would Rihanna take 30 grand for just sitting at a club. What is she…A Jersey Shore hag now? Yikes. – DIGITAL SPY Lena Horne…rest in peace. – HUFFINGTON POST Nordstom’s Crack is opening in New York City tomorrow. Looks more like Ross For Less. Just what we need, more downmarket marketing. Yikes. – WWD Christina Aguilera and Leona Lewis to tour this summer. That is hot. Period. – THAT GRAPE JUICE Proving my mom’s philosophy that “there is a cover for every pot” and in this case for every crack. – D LISTED Click here to follow… Read More »

Are you ready folks? The reality showdown begins. Move over Bravo and all your overly Botoxed, Nine West wearing Real Housewives of New York City, Atlanta, Orange County, Washington DC, Beverly Hills, New Jersey and where else…oh…right…No Where Special. The New York Times reports on the new show in town that is poised to take those bitches down. Geritol presents Sunset Daze, a reality show starring 900 year old women who call themselves The Hos’s. (Yikes.) Not sure what the men on this show refer to themselves as…except, maybe, just happy to be alive. Sunset Daze, set in a retirement… Read More »