Hands down, Scarlett Johansson wins Best Dressed.

Last year at the MTV MOVIE AWARDS, I was astonished at the sheer stupidity of the overall content. Last night, I was less astonished at the stupidity and more amazed at what little fashion walked the red carpet. And when I say little, I mean very little dresses coupled with very little taste. Yesterday afternoon, my freind Audrey Nizen (Creative Director, Bloomingdale’s) and I were lamenting on how stylists have ruined the creativity at awards shows by playing it all too safe. Last night however, there was safety in numbers, and all of which hit the recurring theme of Hootchie Mamma.

In an effort to conceal her ankle thing, Lindsay Lohan channelled Mrs. Roper from Three's Company.

These two Jeresey Shore-ites, JWoww and Snooki set the tone for Hootchie Mamma.

Katy Perry's hair rocks but her dresses were cha-cha at best.

This Katy Perry number is Vegas showgirl or Ice choose.

Sandra Bullock looked amazing in her backless number, but really, she could have added one inch to the length. Girl, you are in your 40's...relax. You're still America's sweetheart.

Evan Mendez channelled Wilma Flintstone and (B) I am realy over the one shoulder story.

As in this case with Stephnie Pratt who was sporting a wanna-be Stephen Sprouse moment.

Audrina Patridge proves my point...that one shoulder needs another.

This ill fitting coral David's Bridal Bridesmaid dress did nothing for Lauren Bosworth besides get her on the worst dress list.

Nikki Reed wore a schmatta that looked like a Woolworth's House Coat from the 60's...and not in a good way.

Samantha Harris also needed another inch on the length. Come on're pusing

Christina Aguilera...fotz.

Snooki is hilare...but white wakes you look wider, so she looked as wide as she is tall. She definitely needed the Snooki hair bump to give her the height.

All the single ladies...all the single ladies. Skank patrol.

When asked, "Who are you wearing?", JWoww proudly announced the launch of her new collection, Skank Couture.

Catch Merle Ginsberg (Editor-in-Cheif, and my new column, Apples and Oranges, The Best And Worst Dressed at the MTV Movie Awards.

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