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Candy Crowley kicked ass, no?Not quite Raddatz but kicked.

Candy @CrowleyCNN kicked a different kind of ass than @MarthaRaddatz but kicked ass just the same. Give me a Binder Full Of Women any day.… Read More »

Oh, the good old days. "Do you mind if I call you Jolene?"

Oh, the good old days. “Do you mind if I call you Jolene?”… Read More »

If this photo doesn't remind you of Jerry Sandusky, what does?

Wanna see the world’s Youngest Gross Baboon? Here is teen radio host, Caiden Cowger with West Virginia GOP Senate candidate John Raese, who reminds me of pedophile, Jerry Sandusky. This little closet-case has been spewing anti-gay nonsense on his radio show accusing Barack Obama and Joe Biden of making kids gay. “Like 30 of them in my school alone.” No Caden. We, and you, are born gay. We just have to come to terms with it, not blame it on the President of the United States. Perhaps you might interview your parents on the show to give us some insight… Read More »

Alan Cumming boldly came out swinging at the Obama Administration and all I can say is “two snaps up” to that. Alan says that Obama has done, and I quote, “Didly squat for gay rights.” Well, kids, as sad as all this is, what can I say besides I told you so, long ago when everyone was taken by Obama’s smile on the campaign trail, while turning their backs on Hillary Clinton. It was June 29, 2007, early on in the game at the Howard University hosted debate for the Democratic nominees. I’ll never forget it. The question came to… Read More »

So I just read about the looming scandal involving Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley and her alleged cocaine use. Apparently there is a video being shopped around my her alleged ex-boyfriend. It’s not like this guy has a Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian-like video with her head bobbing on a you-know-what. Ashely’s head in this video is allegedly bobbing on a red straw snorting an alleged line of blow or shall I say alleged white powder. Am I missing something here? This is a scandal? In whose eyes? Word is that this anonymous seller is shopping the video for a reported… Read More »