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Taxes schmaxes. The silliest part of this whole tax drama is how obsessed the Republican and Tea Parties are with how much better off we will be if the very rich get a tax break. Well, naturally the Tea Baggers are all for tax cuts for the rich, because they are so clueless, they think somehow the money will be trickled back to them so then they can finally buy teeth. As as for the Republican’s, well we know that those guys will do anything to oil their fund-raising machine, especially now that the doubly annoying Michael Steele is in… Read More »

Remember when Alec Baldwin allegedly threatened to leave the United States if George Bush Jr. got elected in 2000? I believe Barbra Streisand said something similar. Clearly they never left but that’s not why I am bringing this up. Rather, I am dumb struck watching and listening to the horrendous crop of candidates running for Senate and Congress. The reality that our country might be taking the kind of turn to the right…and I mean far right….I mean so far right that I can not breathe…is making me rethink living here. I lived in Los Angeles during 9-11 and it… Read More »

I was at the gym this morning and noticed out of the corner of my eye this bright orange thing on the TV screen. Well, it was not a meteor, it was John Boehmer on Meet The Press. Would you take anything this guy says with a grain of salt? Paprika…maybe. All I know is that John and Snooki have a lot in common. And now, what I want to know is…exactly what color are John Boehner and Snooki?!?… Read More »