What Color Is John Boehmer?!?

Aug 8, 2010Breaking Newzzz

I was at the gym this morning and noticed out of the corner of my eye this bright orange thing on the TV screen. Well, it was not a meteor, it was John Boehmer on Meet The Press. Would you take anything this guy says with a grain of salt? Paprika…maybe. All I know is that John and Snooki have a lot in common. And now, what I want to know is…exactly what color are John Boehner and Snooki?!?

Excuse me, but what color is John Boehner? Who can listen to this tan-aholic?

Seriously, they look like twins.

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One Response to “What Color Is John Boehmer?!?”

  1. Boehner ought to stick to giving his advice in the barroom (where he is known to spend considerable time). As for tax cuts, he opposes reinstatement of the cuts made by the Bush administration – the cuts for the very wealthy and were not in anyway helpful to the average taxpayer. The re-instatement of those taxes would mean the economy wouldn't have the added burden of $3.6 trillion dollars. As for giving the very rich the tax cut with claims of it somehow trickling down to the rest of us – no way – they pocket the cash and continue to send jobs overseas. The wealth distribution in America has grown so bad that we might start considering a large number of American citizens have become nothing less than 21st century serfs tied to jobs they cannot afford to lose for fear there is nothing beyond crappy minimum wage in a service job atmosphere. The Republican Party and their cohorts have killed the American dream. If the Republican Party had anything to offer – it would have, instead of spending the last 18 months voting against virtually every piece of legislation brought before the Senate. They stifled the government to the point that it brought government to a near stand still. And how American was that – they wave the flag and talk about what patriots they are as they protect big industry and line their pockets with money while American workers are moved into the streets and the welfare lines.

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