Fear And Loathing In D.C.

Oct 28, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Remember when Alec Baldwin allegedly threatened to leave the United States if George Bush Jr. got elected in 2000? I believe Barbra Streisand said something similar. Clearly they never left but that’s not why I am bringing this up. Rather, I am dumb struck watching and listening to the horrendous crop of candidates running for Senate and Congress. The reality that our country might be taking the kind of turn to the right…and I mean far right….I mean so far right that I can not breathe…is making me rethink living here. I lived in Los Angeles during 9-11 and it seemed like the entertainment community was annoyed that Osama Bin Laden had not attacked them first. First? Osama didn’t give a hoot about Hollywood. There was a sense of mourning that they were not the lead story. CAA to the rescue, they procured Cipro for their clients, and with that, I said my farewells. My return to New York City was short lived because literally everyone here had gone bonkers, so off to Amsterdam I went to live happy, joyous and free for two years. My point is this: If we can elect a Sharon Angle or a Meg Whitman and shudder at the thought of that annoying, perky Wicked Witch of the Mid-Atlantic, Christine O’Donnell, then I have no business living here anymore. I cannot exercise my freedom of speech while living amongst anti-gays, anti-Muslims, anti-you-name-its in peace and harmony. That phony I am not…or at least I’d like to think that I am not. Billions of people live in other places…I can and will, too.

So, if you care about me at all, I implore you to get out and vote for a Democrat next Tuesday, November 2. Please use this Halloween to scare up as many votes as you can. Post reminders to your Twitter page and on Facebook. Show your fans, friends and followers that you are a conscientious American. If you watched President Barack Obama last night on The Jon Stewart Show you’d see that he is a caring, thoughtful, pragmatic man whose heart is in the right place. Give me someone like that, or any of his disciples to run my affairs.

On this Hallow’s Eve, here’s what scares the beJesus out of me:

  1. Those angry, hypocrites known as Tea Party Baggers
  2. The thought of John Boehner‘s shocking orange Snooki face on the evening news, a lot
  3. A state run like the WWE
  4. Sarah Palin anything

Talk about being spooked.

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