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Marc Jacobs Knows Best

As the world tries to figure out what makes for great online moving images a.k.a. original content, leave it up to Marc Jacobs to create a fierce behind the scenes vignette from the upcoming Louis Vuitton campaign. There really isn’t much to say but congratulations. Recently, Dior and Chanel did these short films that went on an on, whereas in this Vuitton case, you don’t need all that bla bla bla. All you see are stunning models being stunning. Now that is branding at its finest rather than the aforementioned videos that are more filler that fierce. As someone who… Read More »

Kernels of Music (Friday)

I think Karen Elson is beyond adorable and who doesn’t support a model turned singer/songwriter? – STYLE.COM Let’s stop trash talking Christian Aguilera. Remember this? httpv:// Juliette Lewis will be in NYC on Saturday, August 21. Meet me there. – TICKETMASTER httpv:// Miley Cyrus is officially all grown up. Notice the girl on girl kiss. Are we dealing with an Adam Lambert moment? httpv:// And this song says it all. httpv://… Read More »

St. John, is that brand of women’s clothing that for years used Kelly Gray, the daughter of the company’s owners (nepotism much?) in their advertising. One day, they finally realized that Kelly was a total yikes for the brand, so they hired Angelina Jolie in an effort to reposition the brand…which worked-ish. Now, the big news is that St. John has bagged Angelina Jolie and replaced her with Karen Elson. See below. “We wanted to make a clean break from actresses and steer away from blonds and cleanse the palette,” said CEO Glenn McMahon. So I guess Karen Elson, iconic… Read More »