Marc Jacobs Knows Best

Jul 5, 2010Fashion

What is more lovely than this?

As the world tries to figure out what makes for great online moving images a.k.a. original content, leave it up to Marc Jacobs to create a fierce behind the scenes vignette from the upcoming Louis Vuitton campaign. There really isn’t much to say but congratulations. Recently, Dior and Chanel did these short films that went on an on, whereas in this Vuitton case, you don’t need all that bla bla bla. All you see are stunning models being stunning. Now that is branding at its finest rather than the aforementioned videos that are more filler that fierce. As someone who is studying the digital landscape and forever in discussion on what is great content versus just content, the Vuitton piece is an excellent example of fabulous content. Watch and yearn.


Here’s another favorite video of mine.

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