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New York Fashion Week…And We’re Off…

It’s Vena Cava in the lead…wait…what’s this? Nicholas K is coming up around the bend leaving Ruffian and Richard Chai in the dust… And the fashion horse race is on! Don’t know about you, but I am exhausted already from the Tri-fecta that is  New York Fashion Week. Between the shows uptown and downtown coupled with Fashion’s Night Out, one needs an oxygen tank and a jet pack to get to where all the main events are happening around New York City. With all the strategic planning for Fashion’s Night Out and the Spring ’11 fashion shows in full gallop,… Read More »

Nothing is garnering more media attention than Fashion’s Night Out. Not the Oscars, the MTV Music Awards, New York Fashion Week, Snooki. Nothing.  When we look at what drove Anna Wintour to devise one of the greatest marketing plans on Earth, we see at the core, a beautiful, well-intended, generous, spirited gem of an idea. “Bring people back to the stores.” Funny, that when George Bush said the same thing after 9-11, that people should just “Go Shopping”, it was met with mixed emotions. Actually, Democrats were apoplectic. But if you think about it…it was a good idea. When is… Read More »

Now that David Patterson has officially backed out of the race, look who’s planning to take a stab as Governator for the State of New York? Remember the Elliot Spitzer, Client 9, Ashley Dupre saga? Yes, that old, tired story. Well, the madame in that trinella, Kristin Davis, no, not the Kristin Davis from Sex and the City, but the one pictured above is ready to take her stand. Davis was the only one in that case that went to the slammer for her dirty dealings. I am sure while Kristin stewed in prison, she hatched this riveting plan to… Read More »

On the eve of the Bryant Park tents being dismantled for the last time, thousands of fashionistas and people came to the park for So Long Bryant Park, the official goodbye party, complete with sobbing uncontrollably and drinking…and not in that order. From what I know, getting that party together was like pulling teeth from sponsors. But, since Fern Mallis was on the case…there was no way those tents were going out without a bang and some booze. So what’s next for New York Fashion Week? Will everyone run to Lincoln Center because Anna Wintour deems it the thing to… Read More »

Twice this week, Cathy Horyn from The New York Times Style Section has mentioned Zoe Saldana in relation to attending New York Fashion Week events and in both cases…she got it wrong. How does that happen? Cathy Horyn is like the goddess of The New York Times Style. Her sensual, melodic voice recapping each the season’s collections lulls me into a trance that makes me remember why I love fashion. But girl…stop referring to celebrities. It is beneath you. And (B) at least get your facts straight. EXHIBIT A: Tommy Hilfiger had the last word at Fashion Week, closing the… Read More »

As we close another season of New York Fashion Week, I thought it most fitting to drag my poem “Fashion Is” out of the mothballs, which was written in 1986 and feels as current as a review from one of the many fashion blogs out there. My point is that nothing really changes. Good taste is always in style and what looks good now will look good in another 20 years. FASHION IS Fashion is—what fashion was, It’s just that it’s “in fashion”. And passion is—what passion was, And that too is “in fashion”. Designers choose the state of art,… Read More »

God kicked off New York Fashion Week with lots of snow. Not the kind you snort…relax Los Angeles Fashion Week…but the kind that closed the New York City schools, yet does not daunt the Fashion Crowd. Nothing can keep them from making the scene. John Bartlett held his Fall 10 fashion show at a venue in Tribeca, where the streets were cold and desolate, but the venue was warm and cozy, as was the crowd, who were out in force. Though the collection was mostly men’s, I am going to take this moment to high five the women’s pieces because… Read More »

Faster than a speeding publicist… More powerful than a glossy editrix… Able to leap tall models in a single bound. Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Super-Fashionista. Yes, Super-Fashionista, the new sub-human that has cropped up since the CFDA starting centralizing New York Fashion Week under the Tents at Bryant Park. Super-Fashionista. Once a lowly wanna-be…now a self-proclaimed stylist/blogger/insider/personal shopper. Two years ago, Super-Fashionista only wondered what it would be like to hang around the inner sanctum of fashion victim-land, a.k.a. the tents. Now, they are a welcome force to be reckoned with. Once… Read More »

I just was reading through the list on about what fashion brands will pay to sit front row during New York Fashion Week. What a crock of hooey. Let me start by saying that part of my business is orchestrating front row talent for assorted companies and none of what they are reporting is true. What I think did was call a slew of garden variety talent agents and received generic quotes. One thing you learn about casting a front row is…never call agents. They love throwing out ridiculous nilly-willy high prices. And that does not even get… Read More »

As New York Fashion Week looms and celebrities are being schnorred up for front row, the topic of the Jersey Shore cast was bound to come up. The New York Post‘s Page Six reports today that the cast is demanding tickets to shows. The only viable candidate for my money is Jenni Farley (JWoww), but only if she would agree to a complete IMW Makeover. As much of a fan that I am, these kids are way too Jon Gosselin for anyone in the fashion industry, besides Ed Hardy, that is. Shedding their image would be the only way to… Read More »