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Are we reliving the Summer of Sam?

It’s hard to find humor in tragedy, especially before any healing has taken hold. But humor has always been my armor, my solace, my Woobie since I was a toddler and I needed to find my funny fast. I was crestfallen, felt so helpless and numb to the news of the day, which would go on to becoming a seminal moment. … Read More »

This bitch needs a good paddle spanking. And if she begins to enjopy it, then we need to stop.

When Presidential candidates are continually caught in lies and/or webs of deceit, someone has to stand up for Truth, Justice and the American Way. No? And really, who better than me, a fast talking gay, Jew who would otherwise would have been chastised for having an opinion.… Read More »


Perhaps I do not speak for everyone when mentioning drinking mushroom tea. Have you ever tried it? It is amazing. The reason it has been on my mind lately is because there must be something in the tea of the Tea Party. What exactly are the Tea Party-ers partying on? Surely these people are not stone cold sober. They have to be high on something, and life is not one of them. Reasons below: Michele Bachmann must be on Oxycontin or else she would have known, or had access to know, that the day she was bringing in the sheathes… Read More »

I was watching the BBC here in Iceland this morning and the big discussion was about the coverage of Jade Goody’s death. Jade, for those of you who don’t know much about her….ahem…me…was the star of Big Brother London in 2002. Huge star (?) . But what she did was take the flash of fame and turned herself into a media star, so that when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, she sold the rights of her story to TV and pretty much died on TV, like Cashmere Mafia. But the discussion this morning on the BBC was not about… Read More »