Not My Cup Of Tea Party

Aug 20, 2011Gross Baboons

Let's play... Guess Their Drug of Choice.

Perhaps I do not speak for everyone when mentioning drinking mushroom tea. Have you ever tried it? It is amazing. The reason it has been on my mind lately is because there must be something in the tea of the Tea Party. What exactly are the Tea Party-ers partying on? Surely these people are not stone cold sober. They have to be high on something, and life is not one of them. Reasons below:

  1. Michele Bachmann must be on Oxycontin or else she would have known, or had access to know, that the day she was bringing in the sheathes for Elvis Presley’s birth was, in fact, the anniversary of his death.
  2. Governor Rick Perry must be having a bad trip because all he can do is shriek in horror as to how apes were not humans, or vice-versa because he saw the original Planet of the Apes, which gave him nightmares as a child. It wasn’t until Charlton Heston told Perry at an NRA meeting that it was all just make believe. But now that Rise of the Planet of the Apes has been released, he is not sure anymore and it is freaking him out.
  3. Sarah Palin must be on more prescription meds that we can know about. There’s enough examples between her winking twitch and off the cuff bad answers to prove that point.

Let’s play a game. You name the Tea Bagger and I will match it up to a libation.

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