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Sarah Palin, Serene Branson And Miss Teen South Carolina

Oh, come on. You tell me what the difference is between these three sound bites, one from Sarah Palin when asked about the midnight ride of Paul Revere or Serene Branson after the Grammy Awards when reporting on *Lady Antebellum‘s unusual Grammy sweep. And how can we not included the lovely Miss South Carolina from Miss Teen USA Pageant, when she spewed these pearls when asked about the lack of education in our youth. Watch, listen and learn. httpv:// httpv:// httpv:// Ever wonder what Lady Antebellum means? Well, Lady is obvious, but Antebellum refers to an architectural style of home… Read More »

People, people who read people. Are the funniest people in the world. What is comedy? There are so many ways to makes people laugh. It is never one thing, or one style of humor that fills a room with laughter. There is slapstick, dry, drawing room, sarcasm, bitchy, sardonic, dick, nasty, at the expense of others, the list goes on. Sometimes we laugh at other people’s foibles or mistakes in judgment. Other times we guiltily laugh at when they slip and fall on the snow, which is the premise behind Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass phenomenon. Come on, you know… Read More »

UPDATE: To all of the people who were seriously angry with me, even wishing me death, for having an opinion about what happened to Serene Branson the other night, please note that I wish her nothing but the best of health and well being. Your anger, however, is severely misplaced. To wish harm to others for finding humor is a world chock full of endless serious issues proves nothing besides how small minded and evil you evil-wishers are. Last year, I featured Lindsay Lohan‘s salacious video for Muse Magazine, something that I was hired to do, and you would have… Read More »