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Oy, poor Lindsay Lohan. I was pleased that they were giving her a second chance at Emanuel Ungaro. That was reported a while back anyway. I just read in Women’s Wear Daily that Lindsay was nowhere to be found this morning at the fashion show. The dish I got from my sources was that Mounir Moufarrige, a known sycophant, wanted to be near Lindsay, and soak up some of that paparazzi glow, so he signed her as the Creative Director at Ungaro last year. Apparently, people who were intimately involved in some of those meetings and dinners were breching (vomiting… Read More »

Susanna Maiolo, the 25 year-old Papal sycophant has now had her second moment in the sun or in something that shines a light on her. What I would like to know is, if she tried (but failed) to touch the Pope’s garment last year, and she has a history of mental illness, and the Pope has an unlimited budget, that this woman was not monitored in some fashion or another. What do I know? Here’s what. If someone was after me, even with my limited cash flow, I would do anything in my power to keep them at bay. Celebrities… Read More »