The Pope’s Sycophant

Dec 25, 2009Breaking Newzzz

Susanna Maiolo, the 25 year-old Papal sycophant has now had her second moment in the sun or in something that shines a light on her. What I would like to know is, if she tried (but failed) to touch the Pope’s garment last year, and she has a history of mental illness, and the Pope has an unlimited budget, that this woman was not monitored in some fashion or another. What do I know? Here’s what. If someone was after me, even with my limited cash flow, I would do anything in my power to keep them at bay. Celebrities in Hollywood hire people like Gavin De Becker for these exact reasons. It’s like one strike and on retainer Gavin goes. Are you trying to tell me there isn’t a Papal equivalent of Gavin De Becker? The good news is that the Pope is fine, and that the Cardinal Roger Etchegaray is on the mend. But, might I suggest going forward that the Church consider:

  1. Hiring Gavin…
  2. Selecting a far younger Pope. Perhaps one that might be able to do a few choice karate kicks when some nut bag is hurling themselves at the hem of his skirt.

Anyhoo…Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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