NEWS FLASH: Lindsay Lohan Nowhere To Be Seen At Ungaro Show

Mar 8, 2010Fashion

Linsday Lohan does Paris.

Oy, poor Lindsay Lohan. I was pleased that they were giving her a second chance at Emanuel Ungaro. That was reported a while back anyway. I just read in Women’s Wear Daily that Lindsay was nowhere to be found this morning at the fashion show. The dish I got from my sources was that Mounir Moufarrige, a known sycophant, wanted to be near Lindsay, and soak up some of that paparazzi glow, so he signed her as the Creative Director at Ungaro last year. Apparently, people who were intimately involved in some of those meetings and dinners were breching (vomiting in Yiddish) at how lechy he was. He has since resigned due to butting heads with the money man, Asim Abdullah. Can I say something here? Can we get some French people involved in this House of Ungaro…Emanuel must be turning in his obscurity.

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  1. richard brooks says:

    First off, Emanuel is not dead you moron. He is alive and well and if you followed this story from the beginning, you would know that he criticised Lohan's appointment vehemently, but at least understood that the house was trying something new to revive the brand. Hiring a celebrity to raise the profile.
    Second, Moufarridge had nothing to prove – having already made a name for himself with stella macartney and karl lagerfeld in the nineties and then u-boat and Worth in the noughties, i think it's fair to assume he had enough celebrity exposure to last a few lifetimes. The way i heard it, he wanted to hire a celeb to raise the profile and the moneyman Abdullah introduced Lohan. It might have worked if they simply hired her as a "face" for the brand. You don't know until you try, and unfortunately it didn't pay off. Oh yeah, and I challenge you to find me someone in the fashion industry who isn't lechy. The industry thrives on lech and gossip as you have so pointedly demonstrated by buying into cow-pat hearsay.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      Thanks for the corrections Richard. I guess obscurity = death sometimes, but out of respect, I want to honor the man. But as for trying something new…did you see the collection? not much new there without Lohan. I wonder if Bloomingdale's will buy it with out Lohan's involvement.

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