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When I started The Not Best Dressed List, the marketplace was not flooded with Monday morning fashion quarterbacks and mavens. Now its seems that opinions are falling from the trees like leaves in the fall. The Not Best Dressed List is getting drowned out thanks to Twitter and the slew of Johnny Come Lately fashion bloggers and the magazines that have finally surrendered to the Internet. Case in point: Paper magazine’s Mickey Boardman has started his worst dressed list also. How original. Bla bla bla… here are my selects… and plenty of them, I might add.  … Read More »


Now here’s  a story that makes me cringe. Zooey Deschanel, the indie film darling is suing Steve Madden for a couple of million bucks from some sort of celebrity designer deal gone awry. First of all, relax girl, two movies in the can does not make you a Kardashian. And second of all, why isn’t being an indie darling enough for you? Sure, you need more cash…but frankly, to destroy your brand so early in the game…well…I for one would not cast you in anything now that your fashion stripes are showing..a.k.a. willingness to whore yourself. And I use the… Read More »