The Not Best Dressed @ The Emmys

I was not slayed by Gwenyth Paltrow's Pucci. The shadowing on her midriff sometimes looked like cottage cheese and we know her tummy is as tight as a drum.

Frightening makeup and hair on Paz del la Huerta. (Shrek = horror in Yiddish.)

Zooey Deschanel was not wearing Chanel, for sure. She should have.


Diana Agron looks like a tanteh.

Louise Roe looks...well...let me be nice and say just Not Best Dressed.

Thought that the fit on Katie Homes' Calvin Klein was not great. And where are her own designs?

You know, if someone walked into your wedding or Bar Mitzvah in this get up, you would call her a kurva (whore in Yiddish).

This was a lot. Too much actually. Kyle Richards should have known better.

This Dior number was a bit old ladyish and did not best serve Minka Kelly. She should have yanked off the sleeves. I know, she was trying to be the demure one of the Charlie's Angels. But girl, last night was your night to be an accepted kurva.

Oy vey Paz, part 2.

Olivia Munn could have done better.

See what I mean. This angle yikes.

This chick, Ariel Winter from Modern Family looks like the mother-of-the-bride in this aging frock.

And the same with this Heather Morris fabric-athon. With her hair up she looks like she is older than necessary.

Whoever this is... feh.


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