Just When You Thought You Were Sick Of The Kardashians…

This is the happy face of Kris Jenner after some Zesta afternoon delight.

Comes word of a new endorsement deal from Kris Jenner, who has clearly given up on her daughter’s ability to make some dough-ray-mee by signing on to be the spokes-model for a labia cream, Zestra that enhances old lady orgasms. Are you breching (vomit in Yiddish) yet? You sure should be. If not, I am for you. Imagine Grandma Jenner, and no, I do not mean Kris, I mean Bruce, giving all sorts of titillating pleasure to Kris Jenner in their Kalabasas Kompound. The question really is, as true reality television whores, will Kris and Bruce let the cameras roll while the Geniatric Noir Sex Tape does a show-and-tell on just how to use the product? Breching even more. Here’s how it works:

• Open a Zestra packette across the top, starting at one of the grooves on either side.
• You or your partner gently massage the contents of one Zestra Personal Packette* onto the clitoris, labia and outer areas of the vagina.
• Within 3 to 5 minutes, you will begin to feel initial sensations—the Zestra Rush.™ These effects will peak at about 10 minutes and last up to 45 minutes.

Imagine this face coming for your hoo-ha.

Can we all just brech together?

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