Move Over K-Mart Shoppers, Introducing Target Whores

Feb 7, 2012Breaking Newzzz

Jason Wu brought out the Target Whores... in droves.

Attention K-Mart Shoppers: You will no longer be the brunt of the joke for being bad-haired, car-coat wearing, schleppers who roam the aisles because there is a new breed of shopping low-lives. These folks troll the Target stores for when a designer presents a capsule collection like the recent Jason Wu dress fest and scarfs up as much product as they can carry and balance on their head. Not because they want to wear the stuff, on the contrary. Their goal is resale so I hereby call them Target Whores.

Target Whore: A Target Whore is a person or couple of people (no necessarily romantically inclined) who have no sense of style however do have an Ebay Store Account. They run to the Target Superstore on the eve of the launch of a Capsule Designer Collection and fill shopping carts with mounds of crap—which for the most part—it is. Then they triple the retail sale value and post it on Ebay “Fashion” in the hopes that a stupid moron who did not want to get out of bed in order to get their hot little hands on a Jason Wu skirt. These items are made by tiny hands—and I don’t mean petites mains, rather—from children in Indonesia. Watch and learn.


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  1. Nichole says:

    Wow, tell us how you really feel. Why so bitter Mr. Bad Author?

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