Donald Trump: You’re Fired

May 11, 2016Gross Baboons
Join Our Campaign: Donald Trump: You're Fired

Join The Campaign:
Donald Trump: You’re Fired

Who wants to be the one to say, Donald Trump: You’re Fired?!? Nothing is impossible. There is a Facebook page called Donald Trump: You’re Fired that has been laying dormant for the past two years that has just been activated. Imagine those lovely words falling trippingly off your tongue. Imagine all the tap dancing that would ensue from the hog-pen of Republican @POTUS candidates who are so desperate to snag some of The Donald’s constituents. (I’m being nice, they are all bunch of hopeless idiots.)

Here’s the challenge. Click on this Donald Trump: You’re Fired Facebook page and post your comments, upload stories, LIKE it, SHARE it, do whatever voodoo that you do so well to help promote that page and let’s get a ground swell of  Donald Trump: You’re Fired energy out there. Let’s make news!

All those in favor of changing the media landscape from COO-ING Donald Trump to BOO-ING Donald Trump, say I! Haven’t you had enough of the endless Trump media coverage? The word “media” is becoming meaningless. I Mean…What the fuck has crawled up Jeff Zucker @CNN’s ass-kissing ass? CNN = CrapNotNews.

So, if Donald Trump is giving you the DT’s, then take a stand. Click this link. Be part of the solution, let’s get together and say, Donald Trump: You’re Fired!


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