Orange Will Never Be The New Black

Feb 20, 2012Gross Baboons

Rick Santorum appeared in fill orange foch on Saturday.

This political season, the media is making mountains out of molehills. Case in point, the supposed momentum of Rick “I HATE SEX” Santorum. Momentum schmomentum… and I use the term schmo-mentum literally here. This guy is such a dufus, that he actually thinks he has a chance. All of a sudden he has that Orange Republican Glow (ORG) about him as shown above. Clearly when a Republican is having a good day, they run to get a spray tan and there is no one in their camp to tell them that they look ridiculous. Cases in point: see below.

Nice shade of orange.

So, say what you want media, but an ORG will never be in fashion, and black will always be the color of choice, for dresses and Presidents in 2012.

What color are these people?

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