Randy Travis + Michele Bachmann = Gross Baboons Squared

Aug 13, 2011Gross Baboons

Now here's a face only Michele Bachmann could love.

Would you go to Iowa to see Randy Travis perform? Let me sweeten the pie and tell you that he will be the featured performer at Michele Bachmann‘s Straw Poll Hootenanny. Yes, Michele has looped in the skeletor of country music to entice folks to come to her tent, while her husband Marcus offers free personal styling tips—while turning you straight. Team Bachmann also promises to provide barbecue, beverages and an air-conditioned tent where Tea Bagger zealots can relax, hang out and get brainwashed into thinking that Bachmann stands a chance. Talk about getting cluck for your buck. What is it with Iowa anyway? The Straw Poll is all about giveaways and then the Caucuses are all about who provides the best coffee and snacks in order to get a turnout. This is how we elect our President? Someone give me the good old Communist Soviet Union any day. At least there, it was clear who had the strength to bamboozle everyone, kind of like survival of the fittest, to take the ruling spot. Here in the United States we have a bunch of toothless unemployeds with their hands out for free nibbly bits and refreshments. Gross. Speaking of gross, as in Gross Baboons, Randy Travis divorced his wife of eighteen years because she caught him cheating on her with, get this, his dentist’s wife.

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