Meghan McCain Is Playing Hard To Get

Nov 16, 2012Breaking Newzzz

Finally we can agree to agree and disagree.

Meghan McCain is playing Catch Me, Catch Me and threatening to leave the Republican party for another. No, not the Democratic one. She doesn’t want THAT much press…ish. No, Meghan is hinting that the Independent Party will get her PR value assets. After all, she needs to think about her political-slash-entertainment career post the recent Hurricane Apoplectic, which I call the Republican Presidential Campaign . It is all about positioning and what better position than for Meghan than to be a free-agent representing the Independent Party and booked as the visiting bloviator to every network that will have her pontificating the opposing view. And remember, Opposing View is Meghan McCain’s middle name. Anyhoo, last week I published this piece about looking beyond the two party system since the Republican party was such a fotz.

FROM NOVEMBER 7, 2012 – The Republican Party Has Declared A War On America

With Mitt Romney’s Presidential bid barely cold in the grave, yesterday Republicans declared war on America. “We are in a war. We’re in a war to save this nation,” said Michael Needham, chief executive of Heritage Action, an arm of the conservative Washington think tank, The Heritage Foundation. Be afraid, be very afraid. This knee jerk (or is it just jerk) reaction from such a reactionary better clue in all the Democrats that we are not safe and we need to stay armed. Yoohoo… entire cast of MSNBC, this means you. Just because Barack Obama won the election fair and square–by an electoral landslide–does not mean that the Republicans will go gently into the night. On the contrary. They are the scary group that turned this election cycle into a hate-mongering tizzy while unleashing their pit-bullies (or #GrossBaboons) like John Sununu, Ann Coulter, Donald Trump and Karl Rove to incite the Tea Party and the other Toothless Avengers.

In the aftermath of this meaningful, if not poetic (justice) election, everyone is chiming in on:

  1. What the Republican Party needs now? (Surely not love, sweet, love.)
  2. How to save the Republican Big Tent? (Since they are pitching a fit.)
  3. What the Republicans need to do to engage Latinos and women. (Tee hee.)

STOP. The Democrats needs to shut the fuck up and let the Republicans do what they have to do…or NOT! It is called learning by doing, and preferably the hard way. Would we give aid and comfort to al Qaeda? (OK, maybe a touch extreme, but I am trying to make a point here.) What is the difference though? Hate is hate and we will not change the stripes of the Republican zebra zealots by loving them. Earth to y’all. I would like to suggest that together we identify ways to support a third and fourth party in our government and help make them more viable. There’s nothing wrong with the Independent Party or the Green Party, is there? Clearly, the current two party system has sunk into a hate fest that could potentially spiral into a Hutus versus the Tutzis situation if the rhetoric does not begin to die down. The Twitter-verse was agog with angst and hate speak last night, which has become disconcerting at best.

We will not be a nation healing our divides by simply helping to build up the political party that tried so desperately to tear the other one down. If Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Lawrence O’Donnell and their crew really cares about this country, let them start by reporting on something else. How about the key issues that were never really raised and discussed during this election cycle like immigration and global warming/climate change. How about a daily reportage on the status of our energy policy or health care updates? You know, have reporters in the field, not just the wind-swept newscasters we get when we there is a heavy rain a brewin’ or a snow storm a comin’. Perhaps this is a seminal moment when all the blathering pundits can start an initiative to create entertaining ways to promote charitable giving, good deeds, stories of hope (and even change). Something that will directly help others as opposed to spending endless hours pontificating on ways to arm the enemy. But what do I know?

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