Sheldon Adelson, A Shanda (Shame In Yiddish)

Nov 11, 2012Gross Baboons

There is a cover for every pot. They make me brech (vomit in Yiddish).

Sheldon Adelson made several huge mistakes this year. The largest one was announcing that he would attend Mitt Romney’s s election night event in Boston on November 6, 2012. That is indicative of the entire Romney campaign when we learned that there was no concession speech written. The world had to wait up so that Romney’s camp could craft a slice of humble pie tasty enough for Karl Rove, Fox News and the world to swallow, most notably, Mitt and Ann Romney. Talk about putting the cart before the horse, or in this case Rafalka. Speaking of which, I hear Ann Romney was hysterical crying at the loss. Well, of course she was. She and that horse never had so much attention. As a devout Mormon wife, Ann Romney has been relegated to the kitchen since childhood. When all the fanfare wears off, is Ann Romney returning to a sister-wife lifestyle complete with frumpy dresses and other “Wives of Mitt” tucked away in the home with the car elevator? Who knows, and frankly, who cares?

Let’s get back to the second Grossest Baboon of this election cycle after Donald TrumpSheldon Adelson. What Sheldon Adelson is guilty of besides throwing away “blootikeh gelt” which means “bloody wasted money” in Yiddish, he and Bibi Netanyahu cast a shadow over Israel because all that war/fear mongering was unfounded. As a Jew, I am ashamed of these overblown tactics and antics. It is a shanda, meaning shame in Yiddish. Goyim might be used to Donald Trump and the Koch Brothers with their blovoiating selves, but we Jews need to temper our rhetoric. As a child of Holocaust survivors, I get very nervous when big-mouthed, rich Jews act like they can use their money and influence to manipulate the government. That is how Adolf Hitler was able to convince the German people that Jews were the enemy and the reason for their failed economy in the 1930’s. Imagine if Mitt Romney won the election and the economy followed the same fate as the Bush economy. Who would America blame then? The friggen Jews, not Donald Trump. When Jews try to act like they are not the “other” is when all hell breaks loose. And if these rich Jews think for one second that one single solitary American would give a rats ass about Israelis if a war broke out between Israel & Iran, well, they and Benjamin Netanyahu would have a rude awakening. If Obama were to send troops to Israel to defend Israelis, boy would that cause World War III, complete with concentration camps…here in the Five Towns of Long Island! And Leonard’s of Great Neck would become a work camp.

It was not that long ago that Americans put innocent Japanese-Americans into internment camps. So why does anyone think that human nature has changed? Sure, pot is legal in two states and gays and women have cause to celebrate but anti-Semitism and scapegoats are here to stay. Period. Far be it from me to push what can come to shove. I would rather have people like Sheldon Adelson shut their pie hole and not reflect their beliefs and cash on others unless it is for others’ good. Fortunately the Jewish vote went largely to Barack Obama by 70 percent. But that self-serving 30% of suburban Jews and billionaires that were desperately protecting their own interests by showering the Republican Party with untold riches got the most attention. I was surprised at the final tally of the Jewish vote, surprised and proud. The expression “Money is the root of all evil” never rang truer than this past election cycle. Six billion dollars bought bupkis (nothing in Yiddish) for the Republicans. And when you think that Sheldon Adelson has all the money he does, then why doesn’t he buy his wife Miriam Adelson some cream rinse. She has got to stop flat ironing her hair. Between that and the amount they spend on fresh cheeks, the can finance a small country…like Israel.

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