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Road Runner, WIle E. Coyote & Paul have so much in common.

All this talk about the Fiscal Cliff reminds me of Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. … Read More »

There's a cover for every pot.

Sheldon Adelson Shlameel, Shlamazel, Hasenfeffer Incorporated… Read More »


Though I am still confident that Barack will eek out his second term by a hair, we need Binders Full Of Women to get to the polls tomorrow and show those #BinderWomen4Mitt who’s boss.… Read More »

The slogan women need to

If I were a women (shush you) my slogan would be I CAN’T. And when I say I CAN’T, I mean I can’t vote Republican in this–our most critical–election.… Read More »

The Debate is a really a cartoon.

Debate 2012 is a sham or is it a shame? Leave it up to Americans to place their entire emotional investment–not to mention their futures–on a fleeting moment. The prism of a Presidential campaign encompasses years, not to mention the scope of the careers of our Presidential candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Comparatively speaking, a 90-minute debate is nothing but a fleeting moment. Our society has spiraled down to a Dancing With The Stars while Keeping Up With The Kardashians trajectory that leaves us pacified by our iPhones and numb to the important of reference. The lyrics of the… Read More »

America got lost in Paul Ryan's blue eyes. Really lost.

And if the theory of advertising is “sex sells”, then Paul Ryan is to politics that Brooke Shields was to Calvin Klein.… Read More »

If given the choice, the Liberty students would probably prefer gays.

Mitt “The Bully” Romney gave the commencement speech at Liberty University, a conservative, southern Christian temple of doom, I mean, learning. There he pontificated on the fact that marriage is between one man and one woman. Romney was in the right place though to vomit his blather. Liberty U. is in Lynchburg, Virginia, where the graduating class would surely enjoy a good lynching of gays given the chance. Give me liberty or give me death? I think the Liberties would prefer to see the death…of gays.… Read More »