Where Evil Lives: Mapping Gross Baboons

Nov 10, 2012Gross Baboons

Here are the locations of a racist bunch of gross baboons. Hopefully not for long.

Here is the map of America that Twitter posted showing “where evil lives”. All those red dots represent the locations where the most racist horrendous remarks came from via Twitter on the night of the election. One can imagine these kinds of racial slurs were also prominently heard in the local pubs and at White Supremacist meetings. Naturally I could not resist labeling the overall map with the official title, Gross Baboons, and enjoyed breaking it down even further into the various group of lunatics and shit heads. Notice I pointed out two such tragic creatures, Peter Brant II (the mini queen) and that fat, ugly Denise Helms, both of whom threatened to assassinate the President. The bigger problem that may be created with all this hate is a reprise in some areas of the LA Riots of 1992. I lived through them and they ain’t pretty. So pretty boys like Peter Brant should watch his fey, silly ass unless he is inviting a whoopin’.

Where Evil Lives is also a movie from the 1980’s produced by Troma Pictures. This upstart production company was best known for their cheesy horror movies, one of which I worked on. They were also known best for making The Worst Movie Ever. Can’t remember which film since much of the 80’s is a blur–as are then 70’s and 90’s–but what we can say is that the creeps identified on this map would be perfectly cast in one of Troma’s worst horror films featuring zombies. Although zombies seem to be on trend, let’s just say that all these Gross Baboons should suffer the same end of the zombies as in the horror classic Night Of The Living Dead.

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