General Sexgate Scandal: Shades Of Monica Lewinsky

Nov 14, 2012Gross Baboons

You think Monica Lewinsky is looking at this General Sexgate Scandal as great preamble to her book about Clinton poontang?

About the General Sexgate Scandal: Mick Jagger said it best last night at the premiere of HBO’s Crossfire Hurricane, “This film takes you back to a younger, perhaps gentler, America. An America where only IBM and the military had computers. Where there [were] no smart phones . . . no e-mails. And a simpler America, where we didn’t read other people’s e-mails, so we didn’t know four-star generals were having affairs.”

The fact that Republicans are already trying their darndest to implicate President Obama in the General Sexgate Scandal is utterly preposterous. What I can say about Obama and this whole mess is that the sooner we get our “good old boys” out of harms way, the better. But that has been Obama’s intention since 2008. Clearly it is not fast enough, but what the General Sexgate Scandal proves is that we have been there so long, with frustrations mounting, that a little nookie seems to be the best order of business under the circumstances. And no matter what happened with Paula “Monica Lewinsky” Broadwell and General David “Did You See My Wife” Petraeus, it was something that kept him sane.

Let all the fat ugly bloviators like “Little Dick” Morris or Rush “I’ll Go There If They Have Oxycontin” Limbaugh to the front lines and see who they will dilly dally with. We cannot let the Fox News idiots use this as a way to besmirch the stellar win by Barack Obama. He has much bigger fish to fry than the penis’ of his generals. I for one will continue to defend and stand at the front lines of Obama. He is busy turning this farkakteh country around and the last thing we need is for him to be sidetracked with innuendo and overall brechy crap fueled by the losing team and other assorted Gross Baboons.

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