Alexandra Richards

Jul 21, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Fashion photographer Tony Kelly shot Alexandra Richards, daughter of Patty Hansen and Keith Richards, for French Playboy last year and for some reason these images have been getting Googled today in a big way, so whatever, here they are again, by popular demand. I MEAN…WHAT?!? also featured Lindsay Lohan’s first ever nude pictorial for Muse magazine. What can I say, always a nudie, never a nude.

This lovely image of Alexandra Richards appeared on Page Six.

Alexandra Richards is groovy, beautiful and really nice.




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8 responses to “Alexandra Richards”

    • vivian Kelly says:

      Alexandra Richards is beautiful and the pics remind me of Terry Richardson, a little bit – all good. If they're meant to shock, though – forget about that. Nothing is shocking anymore, and that's a little bit sad.

  1. […] Alexandra Richards, DJ daughter of Rolling Stone Keith Richards and model Patti Hansen, did a spread for French Playboy. Between her, Georgia-May Jagger and Kelly Osbourne’s reinvention, British rockstars’ daughters are having a moment. [P6, NSFW scans at IMeanWhat] […]

  2. Tina says:

    Great to see a girl with real boobs for a change.

    But! Where are her pubes??

  3. […] fellow man…or woman…or man for man or woman for woman. You get the picture. My friend Tony Kelly, who shot Alexandra Richards for French Playboy, did these vibrant images for American Apparel of […]

  4. Kip Caven says:

    Perfect…………thats the only word I can think of…….

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