Protest Against Marriage Equality

Jul 18, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Is there one person on this front line that you would sleep with? Don't bother answering that.

Talk about showing up late to the party. There is a group of anti-gay zealots that want to overturn the Marriage Equality Act that went into law this week for the State of New York. What is with these right-wing religious hypocrites? As we see in these pictures, there is an equal smattering of Gross Baboons and Orthodox Jews, you know, of the recent killing of the little boy fame. As well as the many Orthodox Jewish men who I witnessed coming regularly to the Meatpacking District in the 1990’s when I lived there to pick up MALE tranny hookers. My point is: We must all keep our side of the street clean. Definitely before we take to them and spew hatred and violence against others–especially law abiding citizens. The other bitchy thing I can say here is that there is not one person at this past Sunday’s rally that I–or anyone I know–would want to sleep with. Perhaps they are just jealous or maybe it’s that they really want to get a piece of us, only they don’t know how to otherwise get our attention. ‘Cause girl, just batting their eyelashes and cooing would only make us brech. (Vomit in Yiddish.)

Nice looking crowd you got there. I don't care how superficial I sound.

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