Alexandra Wallace In Playboy

Mar 19, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Skank Patrol.

In what now turned out to be a tactical move by UCLA student Alexandra Wallace, the stupid co-ed will be swimming up to Hugh Hefner in the coming weeks to discuss being featured in Playboy. No, it is not true, but you’d think that this girl, photographed here like a Hooter, had visions of grandeur all along, from when her breasts first bloomed as fully as they are? Why else go to UCLA, steps away from the Playboy Mansion? Her quick side step out of college proves that she is going to pull a Snooki and start taking money to attend clubbing events.

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One Response to “Alexandra Wallace In Playboy”

  1. Jenna says:

    Wrong. Her sidestep out of college proves that she is going to pull a Charlie Sheen and step out of the spotlight, for the protection of herself, her family and friends. The death threats she was receiving from the Asian Mafia were damned serious.

    Her boobs have nothing to do with this.

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