Back-To-School Blues

Sep 7, 2010Breaking Newzzz

I don’t know about you…but last night at about 9:00PM I got such a stomach ache. I wondered if it was something I ate at the Labor Day Barbecue. Nah…those queens buy the best and freshest food. Having eaten clean healthy food all weekend otherwise, it didn’t then take long to realize that I was sufferiing from my age old back-to-school stomach ache. That illness that would creep up the night before school started after the long, hot, fun summer. Well, time heals all wounds except the back-to-school stomach ache. With Fashion Week looming and several projects in the hopper, my stomache ache kicked in because it knew that though I am way beyond scholol age…that fashion week is the school of hardest knocks.

Anyhoo…I took two Tums and a shot of vodka and feel on the mend.

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