“Bloggers Are The New Celebrities”- Women’s Wear Daily

Feb 17, 2010Breaking Newzzz

With all the recent hub bub about celebrities sitting front row comes a new declaration from Women’s Wear Daily that bloggers are the new celebrities populating Fashion Week. That’s pretty amazing when you consider that just a few short seasons ago, bloggers were like flies to publicists, annoyingly buzzing around their heads trying to get access to the shows. There must be plenty of PR girls (bitches) cringing when they think back to how rudely they treated them, and now, they have to roll out the red carpet and cow tow. Just deserts. Though I Mean…What?!? was not mentioned in the article, it still brings me endless joy to know that we play a vital role in the landscape of fashion media. It is exciting to participate in the evolution of social media. The best Christmas present I received was from Sportswear International when they dubbed me one of the top fashion bloggers in their Who’s Who Fashion Yearbook.

Thank you Christopher Blomquist of Sportwear International

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4 responses to ““Bloggers Are The New Celebrities”- Women’s Wear Daily”

  1. Tina (Sydney) says:

    Give me a good, witty, unbiased blog any day over snooty, sold-their-soul-to-the-corporate-devil magazines.

    Of course good bloggers are the 'new celebrities'! (Most) designers aren't stupid – they know that readers have lost confidence in what the magazines say/do/show. Who really takes Vogue seriously anymore? Readers know that magazines editors are being pulled in whatever direction the money is coming from (advertising) so they can't be trusted to give us unbiased fashion and news. Designers rely on real information from real people.

    Phew! That vent felt good…

  2. Tina (Sydney) says:

    Love you too Abe. * wink *

  3. […] was not that long ago, actually last year at this time, that I MEAN…WHAT?!? discovered The Manzie. You know how The Wolfman is part man, part beast? Well, a Manzie* is part man, part nelly beast. […]

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