Feb 18, 2010Fashion

Maybe they could use this image for the ads: Madonna for Macy's.

Madonna is finally jumping into the fashion business?!? I knew that she was hankering to become a schmatta peddler for years but was waiting for the right time and the right deal. And I guess this is it. There is no time like the present and there’s no place like Macy’s…though I wish she would just stay home. Anyone who is anyone that reads I MEAN…WHAT?!? knows how obsessed I am with this whole celebrity-turned-designer quagmire that we find ourselves in. And not obsessed like “I am obsessed with my Sarah Jessica Parker for Halston number” but more like, “Can we please leave the schmatta business to the designers (those folks that have nurtured their craft) and leave celebrity to egomaniacs. I think that is a fair statement. But I digress. The Madonna Collection might actually be called Material Girl or Truth or Dare. Shall I jump in here and make a few suggestions since they are still in brainstorming mode? What about:

Like A Virgin: a collection for tweens.
Bad Girl: a collection for just over tweens, when they start getting boobies…hangs on the Junior floor.
Bedtime Stories: Duh, intimates and sleepwear.
I D-I-E- Another Day: A collaboration with Rachel Zoe.
Erotica: Limited edition sold only at Pleasure Chest for Macy’s (pop-up shop).
Holiday: Holiday collection.
Pappa Don’t Preach: Men’s ties and accessories.
Physical Attraction: Workout wear.
Vogue: No way will she want to go up against Anna Wintour. Anna will win.

So you see, divisions of Madonna can technically be found on every floor at Macy’s. I just cant wait to see Madonna chewing gum at her booth at Coterie or duke-ing it out with Mariah Carey when they both do in-store appearances.


  1. Timothy says:

    i bet $5 that Lourdes will somehow be involved…

  2. Tina (Sydney) says:

    It's not just fashion either Abe – all design has been steadily dumbed down over the last decade or more.

    Industrial Design? Alessi and Phillipe Starck may have brought 'design' into the average home but it's spawned an industry of mass production that has nothing to do with craftmanship, conceptual thinking or smart ideas. Why buy a beautifully designed object that someone has prototyped to perfection for years when Target can give you a 3rd rate Chinese made copy at a 10th of the price?

    Interior Design? Anyone can do it! You don't even need qualifications to call yourself an interior designer (not in Australia anyway). And if they can 'make-over' a whole house in 48 hours with only $1000 on TV shows then that just proves that you would be dumb to pay a designer $90 an hour and wait weeks/months to get carefully considered and constructed and beautiful interiors.

    Architecture? Oh come on! Any one can a download a free web progam that creates a floor layout and puts furniture in it. Then its just a matter of picking a style (a bit of georgian here, a bit of bauhaus there) and leaving the exterior details to the builder, right?

    Graphic Design? Web design? Adobe anyone?

    The design world has gone mad…

  3. Catrina says:

    You have it wrong. Her daughter is starting the fashion line at Macy's, and it IS to be called the Material Girl line.

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