Stylophane: The Sally Field Of Marketing Tools

Aug 27, 2013Fashion
Who Gives A Shit?

Who Gives A Shit?

Stylophane? I beg your pardon? Is that a word, a term, a website, a gauge, a ridiculous tool to jack off with? The answer is all of the above. Now that Social Media and the many Social Media Climbers who think  they know-it-all have become marketing experts, (are sext-perts next?) starting with the Social Media Expert himself Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is now touting its useful digital marketing tool Stylophane, which tracks the Facebook friends (for lack of a better term) who are engaged with your brand. Facebook…brand…engaged…I am cringing but must go on.

Women’s Wear Daily reported today that Kat Von D, the queen of the tattoo parlor, is leading the pack of brand-oholics. Yes, her eponymous cosmetic line–no I did not know she had one but then again I don’t wear make up nor do I look to Facebook for where to go, what to buy or otherwise–is at the top of the heap of companies that received LIKES on Facebook. Now, I ask you, when was the last time you Liked something on Facebook when someone didn’t beg you to like it. In the month of July alone, 2.2 million people actually liked Kat Von D’s cosmetics line so what I want to know, does that mean Kat sold 2.2 million blush brushes or tattoo blue eyeliner or whatever the hell is in that cosmetic line? If the answer to that is no, then you can just like this. And if Sally Field were here, she would say “You Like Me, Your Really Like Me”.

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