Bravo Presents: The Real White House 2013

Sarah Palin will be crowned at the Inauguration of 2013.

What ever happened to the age of innocence when we feared a George Orwellian future? When George W. Bush Jr. was in power, his Big Brotherness proved Orwell’s predictions had come true. Now, just a couple years later, we have something far greater to fear than George Bush, which is a Sarah Palin White House based on the film The Truman Show. You think that’s not possible? With Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin the new stars of reality television, you don’t think that sick bitch would not want to chronicle her years in the White House for ego sake alone? Think again. She is a scary power monger, the likes which we have never seen before. Palin will take pleasure in showing Bravo viewers how she castrates Democrats in the Oval Office. Call me koo-koo, but I put nothing past that woman. She is a megalomaniac who will stop at nothing to prove to the judges from her beauty contestant days that they were wrong for not giving her the crown so she could go on to becoming Miss America. Palin is that nutty character played by Candice Bergen in Miss Congeniality. She wants to combine the Presidency with the glory of the Miss America crown. Trust me, The Real White House 2013 is looming…sponsored by Koch Industries. Here she is…Miss President. Here she is…your ideal. Yikes.

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