Chelsea Vs. Bristol

Aug 1, 2010Breaking Newzzz

The happy couple.

Let’s compare the daughters of the royal families of our two political parties. The Democrats have The Clintons while the Republicans are stuck with The Palins. In this corner we have Chelsea Clinton who is educated and sophisticated and over there is Bristol Palin, a loose-lipped (and otherwise), press whore. This summer, talk of matrimony was at the center of every dinner table conversation in both homes…each with different tones. I MEAN…WHAT?!? thought it would be fun to eavesdrop on both families.


HILLARY: That Marc is such a sweet boy.
CHELSEA: I know, I am so happy.
BILL: And we couldn’t be happier for you, Chelsea.
HILLARY: I have been dreaming about this day since the very first moment you were born.
CHELSEA: Oh, Mom…Dad…I love you both.
BILL & HILLARY: And we love you so much, dear.


The never was gonna be happy couple.


SARAH: What did you just say?
TODD: She said that she and Levi are…
SARAH: I heard what she said. Are you frikkin’ kidding me? What are you thinking?
SARAH: You’re not thinking…as usual. Hasn’t that boy caused us enough grief? Dag nab it!!!
TODD: Screaming is not going to help matters.
SARAH: Look you half wit, don’t tell me what to do. Hopefully it will drive some sense into our little tart here.
BRISTOL: But…Mamma…
SARAH: Don’t Mamma me. Once you became a Mamma, you relinquished the right to call me that. Call me Mommy Dearest!

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