Obama Needs Binders Full Of Women

Nov 5, 2012People We Lerve

Forget Binders Full of Women. That parallax view of women is ancient history even though it was just a few weeks ago that Mitt Romney gingerly pounded his chest saying how pro-women he was. That, of course, turned out to be one of Mitt’s biggest lies on the campaign trail based on the number of women that he actually hired from those “binders” during his reign at Bain Capitol. For some reason Mitt can say whatever he wants because it has become OK to be a racist again. Swarms of white people are lining up to NOT vote for Barack Obama trying to make the claim that, “White is the new black” even though November 6 is after Labor Day. But we in the know know from all the recent Fashion Weeks that black is here to stay.

After reading Maureen Dowd’s Op-Ed pieces in The New York Times about her sister, an undecided white woman that moved into the Romney column, it all came clear. Women who will vote for Romney/Ryan actually like being in that binder. And that is the bind…er that Barack Obama is in. Though I am still confident that Barack will eek out his second term by a hair, I am saddened to know that women like Maureen Dowd’s sister, and potentially even Maureen Dowd, based on her condescending column, The Loin King, this past weekend are consciously willing to believe a guy who has consistently lied to their faces. Is that the same psychological shortcoming that women suffer in all relationships with men? Those women are always willing to believe that the guy is late from work because he was actually busy working? Or the guy was out with his buddies and got home to late to call? Or better yet, text you that he was not going to meet you after work for a drink as planned earlier in the week?

The self-assured, independent, confident Sex and the City generation of women seems to have either gotten married off or have had babies with sperm donors. Standing up for their inalienable rights has become secondary to their new agendas. Binders Full Of Women are willing to trust any guy, liar or cheat? Well #BindersWomen4Mitt, the only thing that you can trust if Mitt Romney gets elected is that your vagina hangs in the balance. In some states it will also be probed–legally–and not from the guy that finally showed up for the after work drink date.

Then you have Ann Romney spewing nonsense that her husband has “women’s best interest at heart”. Yes ladies, you too can be relegated back to the kitchen and cook meatloaf patties with @TheRealMeatloaf. Remember when Hillary Clinton–while campaigning for her husband in 1992–went on record to say, “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession which I entered before my husband was in public life.” Hillary is the greatest advocate for women’s rights who also happens to be the most fantastic female on planet Earth. As a man enamored by the words and deeds of Gloria Steinum, Bella Abzug, Erica Jong and even Helen Gurley Brown, I look around at these #BinderWomen4Mitt who are turning their backs and clocks on the Women’s Movement and compromising their own best interests. Instead they are contradicting everything they must stand for in this election as the Supreme Court and their vaginas hang in the balance.



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