Donald “Orange” Trump Needs Attention…Again

Jul 27, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Yoo hoo, anybody in there?

Now that Donald Trump has been rendered useless post the anti-climactic finale of The Celebrity Apprentice, coupled with being booed of the political stage for sounding like a blowhard, comes his latest effort to shine the spotlight back on him. Since Ivanka just had a baby, all eyes are on her for sure so The Donald must feel like an old shoe moping around the manse. Today he bloviated over to Fox News to blather on about how Republicans should take on the big gamble and let the country risk defaulting on their loans. Well, he is a betting man, hence the Trump Casino obsession–four of them went bankrupt. Shall we take this time to discuss the many other gambles that Donald Trump has made over the years and lost miserably, which is reason enough to tell him to take a hike with his asinine ideas?

  1. – Exactly, no one went.
  2. Trump Magazine – I rest my case.
  3. Trump Vodka – Is he a closet rapper? The orange skin and bouffant hairdo puts him at odds with the hip, drinking set. And besides, Donald never drinks liquor. Take a lesson from Chelsea Handler.
  4. Trump Airlines – He took those old Eastern Airlines, painted his name on it and upgraded the planes with pretension of the highest order. He ended up defaulting on his loans, which he wants to see our government do as well. Gross Baboon? Plenty.
  5. Trump Mortgage – Perhaps Reason One why the bubble burst. After all, payback is a bitch.
  6. Trump Boardgame – Naturally with an ego that size, you’d think Monopoly is so over and the world wants to play for gaudy gold-leafed buildings. Well, wrong again. Mr. Trump.

Can we just retire this man and send him off to Scotland to play golf? Bye.

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