Eric Cantor & Glenn Beck Sitting In A Tree

Oct 11, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Eric Cantor looks a bit gay if you ask me. Like a Log Cabin Queen.

Know it all, Eric Cantor, refers to Occupy Wall Street as a mob. Both Cantor and Glenn Beck are trying to demonize the conscientious people who are doing their best to draw attention to the disparity between Wall Street and Main Street and what is not working in our political and financial systems. Cantor, who looks like a Log Cabin Banana Republican Queen, has become one of the biggest troublemakers on the political landscape. Now, Eric has hit an all time low as he and blabbermouth Glenn Beck sound like lovers. Beck yesterday warned his radio heads that the Occupy Wall Street people will kill you. And this is who gets to sound off for the world to hear? Yikes. The Republican party is such a mess that it makes me feel sorry for John Huntsman.

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