The Not Best Dressed List

Demi Lovato tops this week's list for sure.

What's her name from Gossip Girl of seasons past wearing this unflattering, boxy thing.

Jessie J looks ridonculous in this get-up. And the shoes.... eek.

Micki Minaj in a shoe-in for the Lifetime Achievement Award Of Not Best Dressed-Ness.

Not sure if Katie Price should be considered The Not Best Dressed or simply The Not Dressed Award.

I am giving Arnold Schwarzenegger the Not Best Tressed Award. What's up with his hair?

So, this chick Louisa is the fashion buyer for Top Shop. This is not top squat.

Rihanna is not best something, whether we call it dressed or skank. It's just not sophisticated.

And here is what was underneath the blue trench coat. More spread eagle skankiness.

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