Sarah Palin: Grossest Baboon Of Any Year

Dec 19, 2010Breaking Newzzz

On the front lines of being annoying.

Sarah Palin‘s favorite Beatles song has to be Happiness Is A Warm Gun. This woman is so at home slaughtering animals, imagine how war mongery she would become if given the chance to be President of the United States. She would immediately be all guns blazing in Yemen. Yes, that place is a hot bed for terrorist, and who knows how to deal with those zealots. But surely, two zealots do not make a right. Or is it, two zelots from the right are all wrong? Sarah Palin is a Kim Jong-Il-type waiting to happen. An egomaniac coupled with Tea Party zealot ideas is a combination so deadly, that all walks of life are not safe.

Can’t you just picture a world lead by Sarah Palin?

  • The borders to Mexico and Canada would be closed permanently.
  • Todd Palin would become the Secretary of the Department of Energy, because of his endless experience working as a rigger on the Alaskan Pipeline.
  • Bristol Palin would be Press Secretary, since her extensive experience at manipulating the press, Dancing With The Stars viewers. Either that or perhaps the Secretary of the Interior…since she has always wanted to try her hand at decorating.
  • Kate Plus Eight would be banned from television and hoisted off to obscurity. (For challenging Palin’s lifestyle on that dreary episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska.
  • The Tea Party would become the New Elite.
  • French Fries would go back to being called Freedom Fries.

Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be pretty. Click here to read all about Gross Baboon of the Year.


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