Honestly, Do You Care About This Leno-O’Brien Saga?!?

Jan 21, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Like I give a cahoon about these two.

There’s no accounting for taste, or what the American public will salivate over in terms of media nonsense. Case in point: The Jay Leno – Conan O’Brien Saga of Tremense Proportions. I could care less which one of these guys is on which channel and at what time…if ever again. We (those of us on Earth) are dealing with two vital wars, a tragedy in Haiti that has tragic ramifications, we are starting to lose our Democratic grip in the Senate, Barack Obama is walking around like a wounded puppy, and this is the big news…every day for the past few weeks? Are you all kidding me? Let me say that I never thought Conan was all that funny, anyway. He is like those Saturday Night Live skits that cater to teen boys. And as for Jay Leno, shame on you for not retiring and drifting into the woodwork while helping your lovely wife, Mavis Leno, raise money for her great, charitable efforts. Let me get this straight, you guys think flaunting millions of dollars around as bait is making you sympathetic? And (B) stop asking me to “Be a Fan of Coco” on Facebook. I am not interested in becoming a fan of this ridiculous controversy. I’d rather contemplate my navel. At this time, with so much happening in the world, how about making yourselves useful? How about donating some of those un-worked for millions to Haiti. You big babies need a reality check…not a pay check.

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One Response to “Honestly, Do You Care About This Leno-O’Brien Saga?!?”

  1. ericka says:

    agreed. many of my friends participated in the 'rally' for Conan the other day. in the pouring rain. to steal a phrase, 'i mean, what?!' yes, let's rally for a millionaire who will now get paid millions more to stay home with his family. please. my boss didn't pay me a dime when i got let go.

    and to make it legit, the organizer apparently asked everyone to bring a donation for Haiti. yes, let me give $20 to some guy I met on facebook so I can feel better about wasting my time. okay, dear.

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