How Beautiful Is Liv Tyler?!?

Jan 21, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Liv Tyler is one of those girls who seemingly have it all.

Some girls have all the luck, like being born into a cool family, being the kind of beautiful that gives you the opportunity to model, work as an actress, experience motherhood…all the things that I would like to be and do when I grow up. Liv Tyler is one of those girls. Today, Women’s Wear Daily reports that G-STAR, the Dutch denim brand is working with her on their upcoming Spring ’10 advertising campaign. Great choice you guys. As G-STAR expands their presence in the United States, using Liv was a strategic, aspirational choice of talent because she has a great reputation, is not a tabloid darling, does not get arrested for driving drunk nor does she walk around without panties at tacky, Los Angeles night clubs. No, she is a bi-coastal single mom, a known sweetheart and friend to tabloid sweeties like Kate Hudson.

Love this shot.

When Shubhankar Ray, G-Star Creative Brand Director, was asked why Liv Tyler, he said, “She’s a strong, beautiful and independent woman. We believe that Liv has a level of sensuality and this is very important for how we want to position G-Star within the women’s context.” The campaign, photographed by Anton Corbijn, will hit the magazines next month.

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